Founded in 2011, Your Clerk offers a qualified, independent and reliable Clerk to Governors service, to support school Governing Bodies and Boards of Directors.  We understand the need to offer robust, consistent, professional and informed support services to school governance in Dorset. 

We receive no Government or local authority funding, but aim to deliver a high quality service; and remain aware of the current education landscape and its policy and practice implications for governance.

Your Clerk aims to ensure that all School Governors and Directors are well supported, represented; and their voices are heard for key issues that affect the learning and education of all children.  We also strive to continually improve service delivery and working practices for the Clerk to Governors in Poole and Bournemouth.

Our clients rate the service they receive from Your Clerk as Good (performance is better than average) with some very good areas.  Your Clerk understands the statutory and regulatory framework within which Governing Bodies operate, and demonstrates good practice in researching, recording and retrieving information effectively.  Your Clerk has a 100% attendance record and excellent time management skills.

SOURCE: NCTL Clerk’s Development Programme 20Q Diagnostic for Your Clerk



“The post of Clerk to Governors is a crucial one and accredited professional training should be mandatory within a year of their appointment. Indeed, undergoing such training should be a condition of appointment for a Clerk to Governors.

“There is generally a need to raise the status of Clerks to Governors and professional training for Clerk to Governors, preferably accredited by a qualifications agency, will contribute powerfully to this.

“The Clerk to Governors should be appointed directly by the Governing Body and should report to the Chair of Governors, NOT to the Headteacher.  We are strongly opposed to the Clerk to Governors being employed as a member of the school staff and reporting to the Headteacher.

"We believe it is important that the Clerk to Governors is specifically employed by the Governing Body and reports to the Chair of Governors. It is essential in our view to keep these two elements separate, though a Clerk to Governors will be paid from the school budget.”

SOURCE: Report of the School Governance Working Group appointed by the Liberal Democrat Education Association (June 2011)

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