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Your Clerk is an online, professional governance service, providing a qualified, experienced and comprehensive Clerk to Governors function, via secure, virtual systems.  Our Virtual Governance Policy applies to all team members, as well as clients using the service.  In addition to the policy, we have a protocol for virtual meetings, which everyone is expected to adhere to.


As part of our virtual service delivery procedure, we confirm with all meeting participants that they have access to the required technology, to allow them to hear and speak throughout the meeting, and "to see and be seen".  We are committed to ensuring that all meeting participants are able to put across their point of view, however they choose to join.


We believe that there are many benefits to utilising virtual governance, including:

increased security and compliance;

  • more efficient and effective use of volunteers' time;

  • clearer audit trails and reduced risk of "human error";

  • reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact (which helps everyone);

  • attracting new volunteers and retaining existing ones, wherever they are in the world; and,

  • broadening the reach of the service to support more clients seeking a governance professional. 

We are proud to have pioneered virtual governance practices, and are keen to encourage more governing boards to work smarter and greener; so, if a client specifically requests for a meeting to be attended by Your Clerk 'in-person', additional charges will apply.  Please refer to our terms and conditions for details. 

Just One Meeting?

Use our SILVER service for one-off meeting for panels and hearings, etc. e.g. exclusions, complaints

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If you're interested in using independent, professional and qualified support for your governing board, please drop us a line!

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