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Your Clerk

Qualified. Independent. Professional.

Governance Support for Schools & Academies


Professional, reliable and confidential

Your Clerk provides independent governance support to schools and multi-academy trusts across the UK.

What can Your Clerk do for you?

We have a range of service packages to suit your individual needs, to best support governance arrangements for your school and trust, using secure and reliable online systems.

Public Record Management

Governance is subject to public scrutiny.  The public record is the key document that any external agency will want sight of.  We maintain a secure online public record for your organisation, to ensure it is up to date and readily accessible for external scrutiny and challenge.

Advice & Guidance

Whatever contract package you choose, we will support your governance arrangement in and out of meetings.  If we feel the need to intervene in a meeting to provide the necessary guidance to ensure compliance, we will.  If the Chair, or anyone else needs support in-meeting, we're there.

Meeting Attendance

We have a 100% attendance record.  All meetings are scheduled in advance, in liaison with our clients.  We offer an ad hoc service for one-off bookings.  Find out more...

Virtual Governance

Now, more than ever, we are reliant on alternatives to the traditional meeting environment.  We've been supporting volunteers for over a decade and utilise new technologies, to enable efficient and effective governance in a virtual environment. 


We deliver training and an ongoing support network for our team of Governance Professionals.  Whether you're a new or experienced Clerk or Governance Professional, join our team of like-minded people, with experience, resources and guidance to-hand.

Independent & Qualified

Accredited by the National College of Teaching & Learning, Your Clerk is appointed by the Governing Body or Board of Directors; we are not directly employed by any school or Trust, which offers you highly skilled and valuable, nonpartisan input and support for your governance team.  

Trusted by schools and multi-academy trusts
across the UK


Professional Governance Support

Organised and Efficient

"Your Clerk’s online meeting resources were an invaluable tool during the COVID-19 crisis"

Chair of Governors

Flexible and Committed

"I've found it really helpful working with a Clerk who really knows their stuff. A great benefit, thank you"

Chair of Governors

Accredited and Independent

"The quality and efficiency of Your Clerk’s service is first class.  Thank you for your ongoing support, it makes my life easier"

Chair of Governors

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