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“The post of Clerk to Governors is a crucial one and accredited professional training should be mandatory within a year of their appointment.  The Clerk to Governors should be appointed directly by the Governing Body and should report to the Chair of Governors, NOT to the Headteacher."

SOURCE: Report of the School Governance Working Group appointed by the Liberal Democrat Education Association (June 2011)

Services I Offer

Public Record Management

Governance is subject to public scrutiny.  The public record is the key document that any external agency will want sight of.  We can maintain the public record for your governance arrangement, to ensure it is up to date and ready for external scrutiny and challenge.

Advice & Guidance

Whatever contract package you choose, we will support your governance arrangement in and out of the meetings.  If we feel the need to intervene in a meeting to provide the necessary guidance to ensure compliance, we will.  If the Chair needs support in-meeting, we're there.

Terms of Office & Elections

We'll liaise with nominated members of your team to help ensure the government database is maintained and up to date.  We'll notify members when terms of office are nearing expiration; we'll support you with elections for parent and staff Governors; and, we can help you to recruit the right people.

Virtual Governance

Now, more than ever, we are reliant on alternatives to the traditional meeting environment.  We've been supporting volunteers for over a decade and understand the need to embrace new technologies that enable efficient and effective governance outside of the board room. 

Filing & Retrieval 

What date...?  Who said...?  A lot of our job is about providing evidence and we are #1 for filing and retrieval services for school governance in Dorset.  

Meeting Attendance

We have a 100% attendance record.  All meetings are scheduled in advance, in liaison with our clients; however, we do expect our clients to understand that a degree of flexibility and cooperation is required in order for us to meet everyone's needs.  

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Your Clerk has a range of contract packages to suit the individual needs of your governance structure. 


Our virtual service is available anywhere across the UK.


50-hours per annum

  • Attend all scheduled meetings to take minutes and provide legal guidance and advice

  • Type-up the minutes of the meeting 

  • Send the draft word-processed minutes to the relevant Chair and Headteacher for approval/amendment

  • Liaise with the relevant Chair and Headteacher on any amendments to the minutes until the final version is approved (version control is used throughout the process)

  • Send the approved final version of the minutes to all Governors/Board Members

  • Email, telephone and SMS support service for guidance and advice

  • Liaise with Chair/Governor(s) and Headteacher to formulate the meeting agenda

  • Send out the approved agenda with relevant attachments

  • Manage and co-ordinate virtual governance activity

  • Manage the public record filing


per annum


100-hours per annum

Includes EVERYTHING in the GOLD package, PLUS:

  • Maintain Governing Body records, including Register of Business Interests, Code of Conduct, Declarations of Appointment, etc

  • Manage the annual review of Terms of Reference

  • Provide guidance on statutory requirements (e.g. OfSTED, DfE, Trust, local authority changes, etc)

  • Liaise with Governor(s) and Headteacher to create annual planners

  • Manage Governing Body correspondence register

  • Attend to minute-take at Extra-Ordinary meetings, Panels and Hearings, e.g. Exclusions, Complaints, etc


per annum


175-hours per annum

Includes EVERYTHING in the PLATINUM package, PLUS:

  • Maintain a policy schedule

  • Send reminders for term of office expirations

  • Organise Governor elections and appointments

  • Assist with advertising for Governor vacancies (additional charges may apply)

  • Undertake skills audits, as required

  • Full service for Extra-Ordinary meetings, Panels and Hearings, e.g. Exclusions, Complaints, etc


per annum

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